BIMA X Apk: Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game in Android

Experience the thrilling world of BIMA X with our cutting-edge BIMA X Apk. Immerse yourself in epic adventures, unlock powerful heroes, and unleash your gaming potential. Download now for an action-packed mobile gaming experience like no other!
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6 July 2023
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About BIMA X Apk

BIMA X Apk is the official application of the Indonesian TV series Satria Garuda BIMA-X. Many gamers may find it quite familiar, as it is really similar to other popular shows like Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.

The game lets you engage in 1v1 battles in the style of Street Fighter and Tekken, except in this case you’re playing with a bunch of different monsters. In total, there are a few dozen different characters you can play with, including main characters as well as villains. You can also choose different skins for each character.


BIMA X Mod Apk offers tons of options to customize your gaming experience. Among them, you can choose from five different difficulty levels, perfectly adapted to the skills of each player. You can also adjust graphics settings, improving game performance on your device.

There are also several different game modes, such as the classic story mode, where you have to fight against tons of enemies in a row, as well as a versus mode, where you can fight against a friend via WiFi.

BIMA-X is an absolutely fantastic fighting game. It has excellent graphics and the gameplay is fun and perfect for touch screens.

Features of BIMA X Apk

  • You can download it for free.
  • The application does not require registration.
  • No subscription required.
  • Support advertising.
  • Normally, it will not appear on the screen.
  • What is added is a variety of unique worlds.
  • These include obstacles and enemies that vary from one world to another.
  • Most importantly, you can improve your shooting ability and earn chocolate.
  • You can jump up to 3 times.
  • There are static and mobile platforms.
  • The in-game ranking board can help you understand how to rank globally.
  • Adventure mode is coming soon.
  • Set the category to change the function.
satria bima x mod apk

Pros And Cons of BIMA X Mod Apk


  1. Convenience: Mobile apps offer the convenience of accessing specific features or content directly from your smartphone or tablet, providing easy and quick access on the go.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Well-designed apps can offer a seamless and optimized user experience, with intuitive interfaces and features specifically tailored for mobile devices.
  3. Offline Functionality: Some apps allow you to access certain features or content even without an internet connection, which can be useful in situations where connectivity is limited.
  4. Push Notifications: Apps can send push notifications to keep users updated with important information, new content, or personalized offers, enhancing user engagement.
  5. Integration with Device Features: Mobile apps can integrate with various device features such as the camera, GPS, microphone, and more, providing enhanced functionality and possibilities for innovative experiences.
game bima x mod apk offline


  1. Limited Platform Compatibility: Some apps may only be available on specific platforms (e.g., Android or iOS), limiting their accessibility to users who don’t have compatible devices.
  2. Storage Space: Mobile apps consume storage space on your device, which can be a concern if you have limited storage capacity.
  3. Privacy and Security Risks: Poorly designed or malicious apps may pose privacy and security risks, potentially accessing or exposing your personal information.
  4. Updates and Compatibility: App updates are necessary to fix bugs, introduce new features, and maintain compatibility with the latest operating system versions. However, updates can sometimes introduce compatibility issues or require additional storage space.
  5. Battery and Resource Consumption: Certain apps, particularly those that run in the background or use intensive features, can drain your device’s battery and consume system resources, potentially affecting overall performance.

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What's new

  • UI Enhancement
  • Bug Resolved
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Performance improvement



How to Install BIMA X Apk on Android Devices?

  1. Visit our website
  2. Click on the Download button.
  3. Now go to File Manager / Files in your device & click on the installed app.
  4. You can download the BIMA X Apk by clicking the download button. After the download is complete, you will see the APK in the “Download” section of your mobile browser. Before installing the application on your phone, you need to make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device.
  5. Here are the steps to make this possible: Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check for unknown sources to allow your Android device to install apps from sources other than the Google Play store.
  6.  After completing the above operations, go to download in the device browser and click on the file. An installation dialog box will appear, asking for permission, and you can complete the installation process.
  7.  After the installation process is complete, you can use the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BIMA X Apk?

BIMA X Apk is an application that allows users to play the popular BIMA X game on their mobile devices. It is an action-packed game based on the BIMA Satria Garuda TV series.

2. Where can I download BIMA X Apk?

You can download the BIMA X Apk from various app stores or websites that offer apk files. Make sure to download from a reliable source to ensure the safety of your device.

3. Is BIMA X Apk free to download? Yes, BIMA X Apk is free to download. However, there may be in-app purchases available within the game for additional features or items.

4. Can I play BIMA X Apk offline?

Yes, you can play BIMA X Apk offline. However, some features or game modes may require an internet connection.

5. What devices are compatible with BIMA X Apk?

BIMA X Apk is compatible with Android devices running version 4.1 and above. It may not be available for iOS devices.

6. How do I install BIMA X Apk?

To install BIMA X Apk, first, download the apk file from a trusted source. Then, enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings to allow installation from external sources. Finally, locate the downloaded apk file and tap on it to begin the installation process.

7. Is BIMA X Apk safe to download?

BIMA X Apk is safe to download as long as you obtain it from a reputable source. Make sure to scan the apk file with antivirus software before installing to avoid any potential risks.

8. Can I play BIMA X Apk with friends?

Yes, you can play BIMA X Apk with friends. The game offers multiplayer modes where you can team up or compete against other players online.

9. Are there regular updates for BIMA X Apk?

Yes, the developers of BIMA X Apk often release updates to improve the game’s performance, fix bugs, and introduce new content. Make sure to keep your game updated to enjoy the latest features.

10. What should I do if I encounter any issues with BIMA X Apk?

If you encounter any issues with BIMA X Apk, you can try restarting your device, clearing the app cache, or reinstalling the game. If the problem persists, you can contact the game’s support team for further assistance.

Final Words!

BIMA X Apk offers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience for fans of the popular BIMA X TV series. With its stunning graphics, captivating storyline, and engaging gameplay, this mobile game allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite BIMA X heroes and battle against formidable villains. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the franchise,Satria Bima x mod apk is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. So, download the game now and embark on a thrilling adventure in the world of BIMA X. This application was developed by “Developer Name”. The rating on our website for this app is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Also, this application is rated 4.4 out of 5 on multiple platforms. You can provide your comment on this website. It will help others to know this BIMA X Apk. Welcome to visit We believe that you reached your destination to find out BIMA X Apk. We are recommending you try other apps which are the same as popular. To get the latest MOD & Game apps please subscribe to our Telegram group. Thank you for visiting!