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About Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK MOD:

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK MOD is a survival game where you fight zombies. Your mission is to assemble a zombie fighting team using a variety of bone-crushing weapons and engage in frightening brawl matches against the living dead. To fight powerful enemies, assemble three types of zombies with special combinations of power, attack power, and agility.

Are you prepared to use your match-winning technique, create your zombie army, and immerse yourself in a gripping narrative to reach the climax and preserve humanity? Get destructive weapons, collect badges, and impart a lecture on how to stop the undead! If you’re ready, download the app now!

In an attempt to destroy all existing criminal gangs, President Duterte himself will join you as you fight epic battles against your enemies. Get ready to fully engage yourself in this simple yet tremendously addictive gameplay with off-side-scrolling action.

Features of the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Play as the Filipino President:

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK gives players the unique opportunity to work with the famous Philippine President Duterte to rid the city of criminals. The president vowed to protect the people from corruption cases and crimes. You have to follow the president’s orders and get ready to face bandits, criminals, street gangs, murderers, and other dangerous and malicious people.

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Find zombies in the current time zone

The game emphasises the need to detect zombies and always be prepared. It emphasises that people should always be alert and pay attention to the zombies around them. For this reason, we recommend that you always be aware of those around you. If someone is showing unusual signs, it’s probably a zombie. The ultimate goal of the game is to outrun the player by eliminating humanity and stopping it. Because we are highly sensitive, we tend to get angry quickly when we are disrespected. As neighbourhood advocates, we must express our displeasure when our territory is violated.

Fight zombies using specific items:

There are many types of weapons that a player can use in this game. The game offers incredible guns, explosive weapons, and other firearms to effectively deal with all enemies on the streets. There are popular guns such as the FN Scar-L or the AK-47. However, you can also unlock gasoline, freeze guns, shotguns, laser guns, TNT, M249, mini-revolvers, M16, and more.

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Emory needs more allies to fight against Skarumph.

Call on more allies to help fight against zombies. This is necessary because Duterte Crime Fighter 2 advises you to find allies most effectively. The game will give you advice, help you find allies, and keep you alert when you encounter dangerous incidents. It also helps you stay alert for danger and plan the perfect battle with your team. Now that we are in this fight, all we have to do is find a solution. Let’s work together to bring out the best ideas.

Upgrade your character

The game allows you to add interesting enhancements to your character. In addition to being equipped with superweapons, you can also enhance your abilities and increase your strength.

Transform your beloved president into a powerful and unique superhero or cartoon character. Take advantage of all the amazing abilities that each character has. This will allow you to enjoy every move in the game more and make the most of your powers. Harness the powers of each character to defeat a variety of enemies in increasingly intense challenges.

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Stunning graphics

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 astounds gamers with addictive gameplay. What’s more exciting are its outstanding art styles and oddly satisfying visuals and animations. The undemanding 2D graphics used in the creation of the game make the game smooth and satisfying.

You can run the game on any Android device without any trouble. Furthermore, the game also features some captivating background sounds. Be sure that you enjoy the vast world of epic 2D.

Other features of the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK:

  • Collect medals
  • Zombie bosses
  • Play with friends
  • See friends status
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free upgrade
  • Ads free
  • User friendly


1. What is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK?
Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK is a mobile gaming application that allows users to engage in a thrilling virtual experience where they take on the role of a crime-fighting hero in the digital world

2. What is the objective of the game?
The main goal of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is to combat crime in a virtual city. Players take on various missions, fight against criminals, and work towards maintaining law and order in the game world.

3. How do I play Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK?
Playing the game is easy! Use on-screen controls to navigate your character, tap to attack enemies, and complete missions. Explore the virtual city, uncover clues, and strategize to outsmart criminals.

4. Can I play Duterte Fighting Crime2 APK for free?
Absolutely! The game is free to download and play. However, keep in mind that there might be optional in-app purchases available to enhance your gaming experience.

5. How do I earn free points in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK?
Players can earn free points by completing in-game achievements, participating in events, and watching rewarded ads. These points can be used to unlock upgrades, weapons, and other exciting features.

6. Is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK suitable for children?
While the game is designed for entertainment, it is essential to consider age-appropriateness.
Parental guidance is recommended for younger players due to the game’s theme of crime-fighting

7. How can I contact support for the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK?
For any queries or technical assistance, reach out to the game’s customer support through the official website or within the app settings. They are ready to help you have a seamless gaming experience.

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