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Discover the whimsical world of "Human: Fall Flat" with the convenient "Human Fall Flat APK." Get ready for hilarious physics-based puzzles and laugh-out-loud moments as you navigate quirky challenges. Download the APK today to experience the game's unique blend of problem-solving and slapstick humor on your mobile device. Dive into a world of endless fun and adventure with "Human Fall Flat APK.
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505 Games Srl
2 Nov 2023
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About Flat Human Fall APK

Human Fall Flat APK for Android is an exciting and unique puzzle game that challenges players to use their intelligence, coordination, and creativity to survive in a series of increasingly difficult levels. Human Fall Flat, created by No Breaks Games, allows players to solve puzzles while going through each level using realistic physics-based mechanics.

Its charming art style features adorable characters with ragdoll animations and a captivating environment full of secrets to discover – from dark, trap-filled caves to snow-capped mountain peaks – no two games are ever the same!

Whether you play alone or team up with friends online via local co-op, this innovative title will entertain players for countless hours as they attempt to find all the solutions necessary to successfully complete each stage.

Human Fall Flat apk

Features of Human Fall Flat APK for Android

Human Fall Flat is an innovative and entertaining puzzle game for Android users. It offers a unique experience that will test your problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment.

To bring the puzzles of this interesting mobile game to life, 505 Games created Human Fall Flat with realistic physics-based gameplay, vibrant graphics, and humorous characters. With its intuitive controls, players can explore open levels with obstacles to reach their goal without failing!

  • Unique physics-based puzzle game with realistic mechanics.
  • Play as Bob the Builder, a customizable human character.
  • Explore and navigate through different 3D environments full of obstacles to overcome.
  • Solve puzzles by manipulating objects in creative ways using your hands (and feet!).
  • Use equipment like a grappling hook, power glove, jetpack, etc. for an extra challenge.
  • Create custom levels or play levels already created by other players around the world.
  • Local multiplayer lets you cooperate with friends on the same device or network connection.
  • Unlock new costumes and skins for additional customization options.

Pros And Cons of Human Fall Flat APK

Pros of Human Fall Flat APK:

  1. Hilariously entertaining physics-based puzzles
  2. Engaging in solo or multiplayer gameplay
  3. Customizable character options.
  4. Regular updates with new content.
  5. Quirky, comical challenges
  6. Free to download on Android devices.
  7. Mobile-friendly controls for a smooth experience.

Cons of Human Fall Flat APK:

  1. Some players may find the controls a bit challenging.
  2. Requires a decent amount of storage space.
  3. Limited storyline depth compared to other games.

Despite the cons, the pros make Human Fall Flat APK a delightful gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Human Fall Flat APK?

A1: Human Fall Flat APK is the Android application package file for the popular game “Human: Fall Flat.” It allows you to play the game on your Android device.

Q2: How do I download the Human Fall Flat APK?

A2: You can download the Human Fall Flat APK from trusted sources online. Ensure your device’s security settings allow installations from unknown sources, then download and install the APK.

Q3: Is Human Fall Flat APK free to play?

A3: The game itself may require a purchase, but the APK can be downloaded for free. You might need to purchase the game within the app or via in-app purchases.

Q4: What’s the gameplay like in Human Fall Flat?

A4: Human Fall Flat features comical physics-based puzzles. You control a wobbly character and solve challenges in imaginative environments, often with hilarious outcomes.

Q5: Are there subscription options for Human Fall Flat?

A5: Human Fall Flat offers additional content and customization through in-app purchases, but there’s no mandatory subscription service.

Q6: What’s the difference between the paid version and the APK?

A6: The paid version provides the full game experience, while the APK is a means to access the game on your Android device. You may still need to make in-game purchases.

Q7: Can I play Human Fall Flat with friends on Android?

A7: Yes, you can enjoy multiplayer mode on Android, allowing you to team up with friends for even more fun in solving the game’s puzzles.

Q8: What age group is Human Fall Flat suitable for?

A8: Human Fall Flat is generally family-friendly and suitable for all ages, but it’s recommended for players who enjoy physics-based puzzle challenges.

Q9: Is there a tutorial for new players in Human Fall Flat?

A9: Yes, the game provides a helpful tutorial to get you started, teaching you the basics of character control and puzzle-solving.

Q10: Can I enjoy Human Fall Flat offline on Android?

A10: Yes, you can play Human Fall Flat offline on Android, making it a great game for on-the-go entertainment without needing an internet connection.


Searching for Human Fall Flat APK? Look no further. Millions of people have downloaded and praised this Android gaming gem from 505 Games Srl. With its comical physics-based puzzles, it’s a hit for all ages. The easy-to-use controls make gameplay a breeze. You can find it in your preferred app store. It’s a must-try for Android gamers. Don’t miss out on this top-rated mobile gaming experience. Download the Human Fall Flat APK and join the fun today!

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