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Get hassle-free disposable email addresses with Temp Mail APK! Protect your privacy and avoid spam effortlessly. Click now for instant privacy!
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Introduction of Temp Mail Apk:

Temp Mail Apk allows you to instantly generate a disposable temporary email address and instantly receive emails with photos and other attachments. There is no need to reveal your real email address to everyone. Spam, adware, email hacks and phishing attacks are constantly happening. Keep your actual inbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, anonymous, free and disposable email addresses in 10 Minute Email.
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Why do you need to use Temp Mail?

As mentioned before, this app can help you do many things at the same time for free. After installing this app on your phone, you can:

  • 1: Create multiple temporary emails at the same time.
  • 2: After using the temporary mailbox, you have the right to delete it and create a new mailbox. Of course, old email data, such as spam, promotional emails, etc. will also be lost.
  • 3: Keep your main email inbox clean and private.
  • 4: Keep deleting temporary emails, but always keep your main email safe.

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With Temp-Mail Apk, you can :

  1. Generate a new email address instantly
  2. Copy to clipboard or use QR code
  3. Automatically receive emails and attachments
  4. Receive push notifications for new mail
  5. Read the received emails (including attachments)
  6. Download the source code (EML), including attachments
  7. Quickly delete an email address or generate a new one.
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Features of Temp Mail:

  1. Privacy Protection: Temp Mail APK allows users to create temporary email addresses, protecting their privacy and preventing spam in their primary inbox.
  2. Disposable Addresses: With Temp Mail APK, users can generate disposable email addresses for various purposes such as signing up for online services or accessing gated content without revealing personal information.
  3. Convenience: The app offers quick and hassle-free access to temporary email addresses on the go, eliminating the need for creating new email accounts manually.
  4. No Registration Required: Users can start using Temp Mail APK instantly without the need for registration or providing any personal details, making it incredibly user-friendly.
  5. Free of Cost: Temp Mail APK is available for free, offering a cost-effective solution for those who require temporary email addresses occasionally.
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FAQs about Temp Mail APK:

Q: What is Temp Mail APK?
A: Temp Mail APK is an application that provides users with temporary email addresses. These addresses can be used for various purposes like signing up for online services or accessing gated content without revealing personal information.

Q: How does Temp Mail APK work?
A: Temp Mail APK generates temporary email addresses that are active for a short period. Users can use these addresses to receive emails, but they typically expire after a certain timeframe, ensuring privacy and security.

Q: Is Temporary Mail APK free to use?
A: Yes, the Temporary Mail APK is free to download and use. Users can generate temporary email addresses without any cost, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for privacy-conscious individuals.

Q: Can I subscribe to Temporary Mail APK MOD?
A: Temporary Mail APK MOD does not offer subscription plans. It is a free service that allows users to generate temporary email addresses without any recurring fees or commitments.

Q: Are there any paid features in Temp Mail MOD APK?
A: No, Temp Mail MOD APK does not offer any paid features. All functionality, including generating temporary email addresses, is available to users for free.

Q: How do I use Temp Mail APK Pro?
A: To use Temp Mail APK Pro, simply download the application from the Google Play Store, install it on your Android device, and open the app. You can then generate a temporary email address with just a few taps.


Looking for a reliable solution for temporary email needs? Look no further than the TEMP MAIL APK! With a user-friendly interface and seamless functionality, this app has garnered rave reviews and an impressive rating of 4.5 stars from satisfied users. Boasting over 10 million downloads and developed by Privatix Limited, TEMP MAIL APK ensures privacy and convenience for users seeking disposable email addresses. Don’t let spam clutter your inbox; download Temp Mail APK today and experience hassle-free temporary email management!

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