Xender APK Download: File Sharing Made Easy, Free for Android

Download Xender APK for free! Share files fast and easy without cables or internet. It's like magic but real! Perfect for photos, videos, and apps. Click now to make file sharing fun and simple. Get Xender and start sharing with friends today!
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About Xender APK Download:

Xender APK Download is a free file-sharing app for Android. It transfers files without the internet or cables. You can share photos, videos, apps, and documents. The transfer speed is incredibly fast. Xender supports cross-platform sharing between Android and iOS. It also has a user-friendly interface. You can transfer large files without limitations. Xender has an easy-to-use offline mode. It also includes a phone replication feature. This helps when switching to a new device. You can also manage files within the app.

Xender ensures secure file transfers. It supports multiple languages. The app is lightweight and doesn’t use much battery. Xender is perfect for quick file sharing. You can connect multiple devices at once. It’s reliable and highly rated by users. Xender is constantly updated for better performance. Download the Xender APK for hassle-free sharing!
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Features of the Xender APK:

  1. High-Speed Transfers: The Xender APK ensures super-fast file sharing without any delay.
  2. No Internet Needed: Share files without WiFi or data, saving you money and hassle.
  3. Cross-Platform Sharing: Easily transfer files between Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  4. Large File Support: Send big files like videos and apps without any size limit.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design makes file sharing a breeze.
  6. Offline Mode: Transfer files even when you’re offline, perfect for remote areas.
  7. Phone Replicate: Quickly copy all your data to a new device with ease.
  8. Built-In File Manager: Organize, view, and delete files directly within the app.
  9. Secure Transfers: Xender ensures your files are shared safely and securely.
  10. Group Sharing: Share files with multiple devices at the same time, ideal for parties or meetings.
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What’s New in Xender APK

  • Enhanced Speed and Stability: Experience faster file transfers with improved speed and stability. Xender now utilizes advanced technology to ensure seamless and quick sharing of all file types​.
  • Improved Group Sharing: Share files with multiple devices simultaneously. This new feature makes it easy to distribute files to a group of friends or colleagues at once, saving time and effort​.
  • Built-in File Manager: Organize and manage your files more effectively with Xender’s new built-in file manager. Browse, move, delete, and open files directly within the app for added convenience​.
  • Phone Replication: Easily transfer all data from your old phone to a new one. This feature ensures that contacts, messages, photos, and apps are smoothly transferred, simplifying the setup of a new device​.
  • Smart Connect: Connect devices effortlessly with the new Smart Connect feature. Scan a QR code or use one-tap connectivity to make the file-sharing process quick and hassle-free​.
  • Multilingual Support: Xender now supports over 30 languages, allowing users worldwide to navigate and use the app in their preferred language, enhancing the user experience​.
  • No File Size Limit: Share files of any size without restrictions. Whether it’s a small document or a large video, Xender can handle it, providing users with complete flexibility in their file transfers​.
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FAQ about Xender APK Download

1. What is Xender APK Download?
Xender APK Download is an application for sharing files quickly and wirelessly between different devices without the need for the internet or cables.

2. How do I download the Xender APK?
To download Xender APK, visit the official website or a trusted app store. Ensure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” in your device settings.

3. Is the Xender download APK free to use?
Yes, the Xender download APK is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions.

4. How does downloading Xender APK work?
Xender uses Wi-Fi Direct to connect devices. Once connected, you can select files to share, and they will be transferred quickly and securely.

5. Can I use Xender APK Download to share files between different platforms?
Yes, Xender supports cross-platform sharing. You can transfer files between Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

6. What types of files can I share with Xender?
You can share photos, videos, music, documents, apps, and even large files without any restrictions.


In conclusion, Xender APK is a top-rated file-sharing app developed by the Xender Team, boasting a 4.1-star rating and over 500 million downloads. Users love its fast, free, and easy wireless transfers, along with cross-platform compatibility. With rave reviews highlighting its convenience and efficiency, Xender continues to be a favorite for seamless file sharing. Download Xender APK now to join millions of satisfied users and enjoy hassle-free transfers today!